How to go to Vézelay

bagBy train, ask for the station of SERMIZELLES.

Then you can walk to Vézelay:

  • Going out of the station, take on your left (crossing the D 951) the D71 up to Givry.
  • In Givry walk on the bridge crossing le Cousin, then take the street des Vergers on your right and the road of Asquins to follow the right bank of the Cure up to Asquins.
  • Km 7.4 – Bridge of Asquins on the Cure
  • Walk on the bridge and cross the D 951 to enter into Asquins through the square under the Elm (St Jacques church on your right, above)
  • Turn on your left going up the Grande Rue
  • Km 8.1 – Crossroads of the Croix d’Asquins
  • Take in front of you, on your right, the Way of St Jacques going up ( halfway, on your left, a small road going to La Cordelle hermitage)
  • Km 9.4 – Arriving to the Porte Neuve of Vézelay.


  • Take in front of you, on your left, the street of Vézelay which becomes a track, then a little farther, take again on your right a grassy path which goes straight away to the basilica (route marked out in dark orange color).